All-In-One Toolbox Apk 8.2.8 | Latest Version 2022

Essential utility app for enhancing android performance.

This app contains basic tops with the help of which you can maintain android device good health and improve performance. The app has plug-in compatibility with major features.

You can use the show storage status of the phone feature in which all memory and storage related information is shown on the app. You can see the ram consumptions vs free memory available and see CPU temperature. You check the internal and external storage space information here too.

By using the clean feature, you can clean junks from your phone which is taking unnecessary space. It will analyze the cache, temporary files, leftover folders and app residuals, thumbnails and it will then clean the. This increases the space on your phone and increases the ram availability. It also enhances battery performance as residual traces doesn’t have to sit in memory.

Boost feature boosts the phone performance quickly by cleaning out the process from ram. There are generally 400-500 mb worth of unimportant processes which are taking up space all the time in the RAM.

The CPU cool feature checks the cpu temperature of your device and reports it back to you. If it is normal it just shows the information, if the cpu temperature exceeds the normal limit, the app automatically cools it down, saving precios battery and device life.

The boot speedup feature in the app can be used to disable apps which run while booting the device making the device slow and decreasing bootup time. By enabling this feature, the next time you open or restart your device it will boot uop much quicker.

The has system info tab where you can check all the information about your device’s hardware in one place. The app also features a file manager to explore images, video, documents, APKs and other files on your device. With the app manager you can see all the apps that are installed on your device and choose to uninstall them. Plug in likes App2sd, back and restore, batch uninstaller cna be used in this app manager.

App has an easy switch feature to keep the floating button for quick toggle of app functionality. More plugin can be added to the device like compass, task automator, applock, boost games, ad blocker and more.

Unique features

Plug in support for use with the app and greater functionality. One tap operations for all the features which performs operations safely and correctly with one touch. One app has many utilities so you don’t have to download single apps for a partiocul;ar function. 30+ small tools for optimizing and increasing productivity on android.

File Information

This Game is Developed by  AIO Software Technology CO., Ltd.. It was Last updated on 2022-7-18. Its size is 8 MB . Its current version is 8.2.8 Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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