AudioTool Mod Apk 8.4.2 [Unlimited]+[Premium]

Audio tools are becoming more prominent to many people bit still there are few which make sure that you have the ultimate powerful features in your android device. Similarly this app also ensures that your audio editing never get interrupted with ads. The loudspeaker polarity checker can be used to check whether a loudspeaker is wired in phase: connect the Audio Tool output to the speaker under test, select “Polarity” from the signal generator screen, then return to the RTA screen. If the speaker is out of phase (polarity reversed) Audio Tool will show “Pol —“, otherwise “Pol +++” if the speaker is in phase. The Signal Generator generates White and Pink Noise, Sine, Square, Triangle and Ramp waves, Sine Linear and Log Sweeps, Warbles and Impulses. The generator uses multiple cycled buffers, refreshed randomly so ensuring truly random White and Pink noise. The frequency accuracy of the Signal Generator is typically around 1%. Sine wave fidelity is good throughout most of the audio range. Other signals’ leading and trailing edges will show ringing and decreasing frequency response artefacts in the upper ranges, depending on the cell phone being used. Exclusive ISO 1/3 Octave Calibration – can correct for your phone’s microphone response. Octave calibration discs are moved up or down to obtain a flat response, and match the overall SPL to that of an external meter. Save/Restore of Cal files (popular Dayton Audio iMM-6, Macaw i436, also supported).

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This App is Developed by jjbunn It was Last updated on November 30, 2020 Its size is 2 mb. Its current version is 8.4.2 Its Android requirements is  4.2 and up. Check it on Playstore

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