Best Android Strategy Games Every User Should Try Out

Thanks to technological advancements, your Android smartphone doubles as a gaming device. You can enjoy countless strategy games to keep you mentally sharp and engaged. Here are some popular ones mentioned below.

Best Android Strategy Games Every User Should Try Out

Best Android Strategy Games Every User Should Try Out


Two to four players enjoy ludo games. The game involves using four tokens and rolling a single die to race to the finish. When all four tokens have reached Home, the player wins.

Gamers of all ages play this classic strategy board game, one of the most nostalgic board games you’ll come across.

Thanks to technological innovations, ludo games are available online. Download ludo app and connect with players worldwide. Implement skills and tactics to navigate the tokens to the finish or Home. If you are confident of your skills, participate in 1VN tournaments to win cash rewards.

Civilization VI

The Civilization franchise has been winning hearts for decades. For an enhanced gaming experience, play the game on your Android tablet instead of your smartphone.

In Civilization VI, the players are in charge and can select a civilization of their choice. You must command the characters and accomplish tasks to defeat the rivals, spread religion, and research technology.


Chess is a board game requiring skills and expertise. It is played between two people. The pieces on the board must be moved according to the pre-defined rules, and the goal is to attack the opponent’s king.

Playing chess regularly can sharpen your mental skills, logical reasoning, and hand-eye coordination.

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a strategy game involving fighting off enemies, discovering new lands, controlling the map, and amassing more firepower through upgrades.

Featuring multiplayer and single experiences, the game offers random matchmaking choices. You can fight someone within your same tribe or someone from outside.

Furthermore, you can play with your friend and engage in offline play. In the local multiplayer mode, you can pass and play. There are also in-app purchases to propel you forward.

Bad North

If you enjoy Viking-themed games, you cannot miss out on Bad North. In this game, you will be pitted against fierce marauders. You have to give your soldiers orders so they can respond to enemy attacks and become victorious. However, you must remember a single wrong move can cost you the lives of your soldiers. So always plan carefully.

Total War: Medieval II

In the Total War category, Total War: Medieval II has taken the hat for being one of the finest games. The game’s UI has been overhauled for a comfortable mobile gaming experience.

Initially, it will take a while to control and manage massive armies, but you will become a pro in no time. If you want more screen space, playing on an Android tablet is best.

Card Thief

Card Thief is a fun strategy game that promises to keep you engaged. It is a mix between a card and a strategy game. The objective is to move around stealthily, so you are not detected. You will have stealth points and the correct equipment to help you avoid guards and race to the finish.

Each match session lasts two or three minutes. Download the game for free from the Google Play Store. You can unlock the full version by paying $1.99.

Rusted Warfare

Immerse in the experience of playing an RTS game on your smartphone by installing Rusted Warfare. The game is inspired by the RTS games of the 90s and gives players access to a massive range of units to control. You can command and control battleships, tiny tanks, and more.

Initially, you might find the battles too chaotic, but you will quickly learn the ropes. Thanks to the touchscreen controls, it is easier to send groups of units to battle, and your production lines will remain organized because there are limited buildings.

Dungeon Warfare 2

Ready to defend your tower? Dungeon Warfare 2 is a defense strategy game where you must defend the tower against enemies. The game has thirty-three traps players can use, which can be upgraded as you move ahead. Also, you will encounter thirty enemies across sixty levels. Finally, you will face boss fights, and your skills will be tested.

For more challenges, the difficulty modes can be customized. The endless appeal of the game promises to keep players entertained. Once you hit play, it will be difficult to put your phone down.

Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory is one of the finest survival and espionage games for Android users. Players are required to command a team of highly skilled agents who will harness world-changing scientific discovery. Although there are no battles to be fought in the game, players will make critical decisions to move ahead.

If you have made wrong decisions early in the game, they may come back to haunt you. Therefore, you must be mindful of making all decisions. A callous attitude will not take you far in the game. Take your time to study the dilemma in front of you and then make a decision as it will impact future decisions.

The Bottom Line

These strategy games must be installed if you have an Android phone or tablet. These games will test your skills and logical reasoning and entertain you for hours.

For a seamless gaming experience, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network and hit play. Then, invite your friends or challenge random opponents to sharpen your skills.

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