Citampi Stories Mod Apk [Unlimited money]

Ever imagined a life in japan? If you love those Japanese styles housing and those anime movies where you have love at first sight then this game will surely make your day. The storyline of this game is also known to be one of the best ever. You can become your own character and start your life from making good amendment with the game. Your parents are in debt, and you have only 10 weeks to pay it off! If it fails, then you must marry the awful-looking loan shark’s daughter. Ugh! The only way out is to travel to the city of Catalpa, find work there and send the money to your parents. Your only goal is to try to make your living in this city and put off the debts taken by your parents. You will also be approached by many other characters that will take your journey to next level. Experience the love at first sight when you first met her, have an unforgettable first date, marry her in the most romantic ceremony ever, and have a loving family with a cute baby and raise children together. This games provides with statement options so you can have alternate ending of the same gameplay. All the characters in this game have a fixed timeline so you cannot jump right in the middle of a conversation or try to skip a challenge in the game.

File Information

This App is Developed by Ikan Asin Production It was Last updated on Mar 11, 2022 Its size is 109 mb. Its current version is Its Android requirements is  4.4 and up. Check it on Playstore


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