Coin Master Mod Apk 3.5.992 [Unlimited Money]

Have you ever come Acrossed a popular game called Coin Master. Its hardly possible for the die heart gamers to be not fan of Coin Master.  This game has been in list of Play Store top Downloads for Many years. And if you are a newbie and not familiar with Clan games than this is one of the best game to start with. And for the folks you belong from COC Community, Coin Master is surely a Rocking Game to try your hands on if you wish to change your Taste.

The concept of the game is simple, you are a Viking who wishes to build his own village by gathering the necessary resources which could easily be bought with the Coins you could collect from Slot Machine (#ThewheelofFortune) or raid other Villages, collect their loot and spend on Buying valuable Resources. Your Goal is become the Coin Master i..e the Viking with the strongest village and the MAXIMUM loot. This game is Developed by Moon and is available on both IOS and Android.

If Building your own Village from Ground up, raiding other villagers, Building an Army, Gathering Resources  and looting your friends villages, Leveling up to become the Most furious Viking sounds Exciting to you, then my friend, you will definitely going to enjoy this game.



=>Build Your Village

Game Starts with you at a deserted Island where you are supposed to build a whole village, you can build Statues, Start Farming, build Houses, Make a small garden, breed catle, make animal shelter etc. You will be Provided with Sum money in Starting. You have to Level up all the valuable resources you create with the money you collect and also have to protect it from other Vikings. Unlock More Islands.

Note: Each Item you build will give you a star, collect 20 stars to get to Next village.

=>Slot machine

Slot Machine is the wheel of fortune in this game. Its Completely Random, everything depends over your Luck. Makers have integrated as an Most important part of this Game. You get the Limited Spins and Each spins brings a huge bundle of opportunities for you. You can Collect shield which help you protect your village against attack of other viking only if you hit all the shields in the display. If you hit all three hammer, you can raid any Viking. Hit  you get all three Gold, you will earn a huge chunk of Gold Coins, If you get all three pigs, Kaboom, you hit the jackpot, go and raid Coin Master.

Spins are the most important resource in this game and there are various other ways through which you can gather the extra spins like free giveaways,  raffles, contests, and giveaways

=>Invite Friends

You Can Invite your friends in the Game that makes it more fun and apart from it, you will get more spins with every invitation turned into a user. Whats more fun than looting your friends village, take revenge of all damage they did to you. Sounds Interesting?

You can also share spins with your friends, just go to Gift Menu and send a gift to the desired friend. Remember only one spin can be sent and it won’t affect your spin balance.

=>Complete Your Card Collection

Card collection is the other amazing feature this game offers, which makes it more interesting. The rarer card you have in your collection the better the reward you will get. And How rarer the card is depends on the village in which you are searching. 9 Unique cards make up a Collection.

Each card  has a special power like Joker card can transform into any other Card.

You will find the cards in Treasure chest. The easiest way to get Cards is from from Raids and Events.

There are also Card Trading events where you can trade you special cards in exchange of other desired cards with your friends.

=> Chest

Treasure Chest contain Unique Cards.

There are three types of Chest : Wooden, Golden, and Magical.

Wooden offers 2 Cards, Golden Contain 4 Cards and Magical Contains 8 Cards.

=>Conquer Villages

You have to explore New worlds for the rare cards and Collecting better rewards. With Every village you conquer, your rewards will be greater than the previous one.

=> Unlock Pets

Pets are your friends in the game who help you to complete your task with more ease. The thing to remember is, each pet has a unique ability which is very beneficial if you are familiar with how to use it. Foxy will be the first pet to unlock and its special ability is to dig up the fourth spot to earn extra coins.

Like to unlock the tiger, you need to complete the Beasts Card Collection. It can increase the number of coins won during attacks on other players’ villages.  To Unlock Rhino,  you need to complete the Creatures Card Collection. Rhino can protect you village from attack and you have run out of shields.

Note: When hatched Pets are not Strong Enough you have to level them up to reach to their full potential.


Surely, you can deny the fact that Coin Master is one hell of a game where makers have not left any boring part. From time to time Creators introduces new events like Attack Madness, Gift Master, Diamond Tournament which will keep Enthralled with its uniqueness and Fun Element. Join the Community, which already Consist of Millions of Players. This Mod Apk will provide you will Unlimited Coins and Levels up Pets. I believe thats all you need to take your game to completely next level.




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