Digger Machine Mod Apk 2.8.6 [Unlimited Money]

Arcade precious metal digger simulator with traps and idle clicker gameplay.

In this game you have to dig in the ground and find the rare minerals and precious metals like diamond, gold and more. You can also build the bases and various structures from where you start your digging and buy items from the store to upgrade your machinery and increase its performance. There are various cool items which can be equipped with your machinery to make wonderful tak easier and this way you also unlock new content in the game. The ground is filled with mines and other kinds of traps so you have to beware and take chances and set up contingency plans where required to continue digging.

In the end when you reach the lowest level where you can go, you will have to fight the boss animated like Satan. The objective in this game is to mine the most precious items and in huge numbers. In the game the Awesomite is the most valuable thing you can mine. There are more than 50 types of metals. When you find these minerals, you have to sell them to upgrade your machine called a diggy. There are 9 levels where you can improve the process of digging in the mines.

The game has varied environments with 3 different types of mines which are all underground. There are 4 types of diggers just like the hero classes. Each digger has its own value of the attribute of the digging machine which you can unlock and select for playing. The mines which are underground are cloudy, green and ice and each have different environment settings which are completely different from the other. The game has an amazing navigation system which shows most of the information on the screen as the content is unlocked. The navigation is improved for navigating to the basses that you own or the new basses that you can own.

Unique features

 The game is filled with missions and other challenges like bosses. You can use professional level items for digging and other cool power ups and boosters for traps and bombs. The environment of each man is displayed clearly on the screen and the graphics are new in this innovative arcade gameplay. You can upgrade items and use it to increase power. This game is completely new with the simulator and gamified elements fused together so we think you will like playing this game.

Mod Features: Unlimited Money

File Information

This Game is Developed by eRapid . It was Last updated on 2022-10-27. Its size is 31 MB. Its current version is 2.8.6. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore


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