European War 5 Mod Apk 2.0.0 [Unlimited Money]

War strategy game with conquests and animated battles.

In this game, you have to build an empire, fight the battles in different ages and conquer the world using your powers. There are 3 games modes in the game which allows you to do that. In Empire mode, you have to raise a whole empire from scratch and go through 2000 years to make historical achievements and be remembered for eternity. There are 6 ages which the empire has to go through, some of which are peaceful and some are heart breaking. You have to keep expanding your empire and ever back down from any challenge. There are various tasks that are given to you in the game which you have to complete to make progress. You can conquer other cities and tjake tehri resources. You can hire various generals and trade in the market to keep the economy alive.

In battle mode you have to be a part of great battles that will be taught in history books to the children. There are 150 battles in different 6 ages of the empire. There is the classical age in which everything begins, the medieval age where the people start learn to learn, the empire age which is the age for domination, the discovery age where there are technological advancements and experiments, the gunpowder age where the tech advancements have brought about war and the industrial age where everyone tries to live in harmony. The game depicts and mimics the style of Alexander the king, Ghenghis khan, Caesar and Barbossa.

In world conquest mode, you have to conquer the whole world in a limited time. You can make your conquest in all the six ages. You can build and maintain a whole economy, declare peace or war and make good friends with other countries by way of alliance. There are various events which have the potential to decide the course of the future and fate of the empire. Here you can recruit armies and generals for the war and prepare them. Being in a war is your choice, you can be neutral, declare war or form alliances to reap the benefits together.

Unique features

100 generals and 6 different ages with 150 major historical and famous battles. Fighting and ruling style from the various original leaders and kings. There are more than 22 world civilizations and 9 military units for you to command. Amazing graphics and animated battles with real time dynamic changing strategy. Alliances break and form and wars can be declared. Overall the game is very interesting and provides a constant source of entertainment for everyone.

File Information

This Game is Developed by  Easytech. It was Last updated on 2022-1-19 Its size is 99 MB . Its current version is 2.0.0. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore



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