Great Conqueror: Rome Mod APk 2.7.0 [Unlimited Money]

Strategic, empire building combat game themed on the roman empire.

In this you have to win the conquests on all areas as shown on the map. The game starts with the battle of Ticinus and then there are other battles with numbering and levels. Each battle has a primary target, a secondary target and assigned generals. You have to select the generals and place your armies near the boundary for defense. You can enter other general’s boundaries by placing your armies there and the animated battles start. The army delivering the most damage wins and conquers the area. You can see other armies advancing towards you and the conquered region in real time with animated beatles on the map itself. As the surrounding army reaches nearby you, you have to deploy your troops to destroy them and conquer the area.

You can drag your finger on the screen to drag the map and see other battles happening in real time. The health of your troops are shown below them in 3 points levels. When you click on a troop you can see the highlighted area in which it can move. You have to tap that area gain to place the trop at your desired location. You can build fortifications like trench, fences, breastwork etc to defend your unit from attack. You can recruit units like auxiliary infantry, light or swordsman to increase the strength and numbers of your army.

While planning the strategy you also have to build your city and keep upgrading it by using the in game currency you get on your conquests. After you complete your primary and secondary target you get a victory message with coins and currency of the game.

By playing the game you can visualise the historical battles in Rome and see how Rome evolved into a great empire by using strategies. You can even choose a secondary story and instruct the other nations to fight for you. You can declare war on a nation or make alliance with them keeping in mind your interests by expanding cities, recruiting legions, employing research technologies and using war strategies.

Unique features

Campaign mode, expedition mode, conquest mode with different gameplay and tactics. Only using real strategies work and you have to be dynamic in your conquest as the situation changes fast in every battle. Simple gameplay but requires harder tactics to be employed. Battle names, places and other information relates to the information found in the original scripts and history lessons.

Are you Ready to Expand Your Empire ?

Mod Features: Unlimited Money

File Information

This Game is Developed by EasyTech. It was Last updated on 2022-7-25. Its size is 100 MB . Its current version is 2.7.0. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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