HAGO Mod Apk 4.14.1 [Unlimited Money]

Social media app with a gamified twist.

This is a gaming app with integrated social media features such as channels, voice and video chat support and other exciting features. You can play a lot of fun games with strangers and friends in real time and beat the records. You can play live battles in PvP mode where you get rewards. You can make channels and express yourself so people can follow you, you can also follow interesting channels and chat with like minded people. There are chat rooms within the app where you can have a choice to chat with game partners, friends or strangers to make new friends.

The app is easy to use. After installing this popular app, open it. The first screen opens with a lot of features shown. The top most part of the screen shows you 2 options. As there are a lot of games available to play you can either play them with friends or choose the discover people option to play with strangers.some games can be played online only while some of them can be played locally on your device. After you select a game, you have to choose to play it online or offline. If you select the online option you will be matched with a random stranger. From the top right corner there is a mic button which you can turn on to start the voice chat feature.

Apart from playing games and making new friends you can enter chat rooms. You can select the most popular chat room where you’ll see a bunch of people chatting either through text or voice chat options. After you enter a chatroom, in the top part of the screen you’ll see a plus sign which you can click to enter in the chatroom. You can create your own chat room by clicking on the green home button and setting privacy options and setting restrictions.

Apart from this there are ads in the app to play games and win money. You can play those games by clicking the ad. The prize money is shown on the landing page. You can select any game and play the game to win loads of money. Money can be withdrawn through paytm or other payment platforms.

Unique Features

Play fun games with added ability to voice chat with strangers and make new friends. Chat Rooms are a fun way to meet and interact with new people. Ability to host chat rooms and privacy features and settings make it safe to chat with strangers. Large number of games to play both online and offline. Channel building to express yourself to the world.

Are you Ready for some Fun ?

File Information

This Game is Developed by  Hago Games. It was Last updated on 2022-3-15. Its size is 70 MB . Its current version is 4.14.1. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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