Jurassic World: The Game Mod Apk 1.49.6 [Unlimited Money]

Adventure building and fighting game themed in jurassic park style.

In the game you can collect more than 200 dinosaurs, hatch them to unlock and evolve them to increase their capabilities. You can construct the buildings and landscapes around you and upgrade them to house more people. You can challenge and fight other dinosaurs in PvP battles online. There is a career mode in which the storyline is that of a Jurassic park movie and goes on missions. As you got through the storyline you’ll interact with more people from the film. If you have a hasbro brawlasaurs toy, you can scan each of them and battle with them as they are unlocked in the game. There are multiple card packs in the game which you can choose from. Each card unlocks a different type of dinosaur which have their unique abilities and skills. By playing the game daily, you can earn good rewards, coins, DNA and other resources which are required for upgrading, unlocking dinosaurs and buildings in the game.

In PvP battle arena, you have action points which you can use to attack the opponent’s dinosaur. There are 3 buttons and limited action points. You can use the buttons to deliver the attack to the enemy. You can only attack once and then it’s the other player’s turn. When you use up your action points or deplete your dinosaurs health the game is over.

To increase the dinosaurs attack power you have to feed them and increase their level to evolve the theme to max. You can also increase their ability by genetically modifying them from the labs. After each battle you can unlock new dinosaurs for your rooster and hatch them. You also have to build a city and construct buildings in the game. It lets you unlock cars and get resources for battles.

You can expand your park and place building and cages for dinosaurs in them. There are in-game missions which you have to complete to make progress. Certain levels and battles can only be played by dinosaurs of required level.so you have to make quick progress and win more battles to unlock them.

Unique features

Smooth and lag free gameplay. Characters from the original jurassic park movies. City building and dinosaur fighting in one game. Daily rewards and in game currency to upgrade items. The game is constantly upgraded to make it more interesting. Various events are held regularly in the game for better rewards.

Are You Ready to Join Jurassic World ?

Mod Features: Unlimited Money

File Information

This Game is Developed by  GAMEGOS. It was Last updated on 2021-1-22 Its size is 78 MB . Its current version is 1.49.6. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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