MacroDroid Premium APk 5.28.8 [Unlocked]

Device automation with powerful scripting and optimised workflow.

This is a powerful app through which you can be very productive by automating your task on your device. The user interface is user friendly and you don’t need to know any coding for it. The fluid display of options shows you how you can make your phone do your stuff automatically at timed points. You can get various things to happen on their own which are contingent upon any event happening. With this app you can unlock the full potential of your phone.

You can automatically switch on bluetooth and start playing music when you get in your car, you can set any task for a place or a location you are at without doing it at that time yourself. You can switch wifi on/off when you are at home or at your office. This can save your battery life and reduce data usage. The app can read your messages and sms via text to speech function so that you don’t have to pick up your phone for insignificant text or sms. You can also go handsfree by this function.

You can also make customized profiles for sound, notifications and other settings for your phone. So that you only have to touch a button and it will do everything for you, saving your precious time.

You can select various triggers for any event your phone can detect and set actions to be done on the happening of that event. You can have location based triggers, device status based, sensor triggers, connection and network triggers and more. You can also create a shortcut for the profiles and triggers associated with them.

Unique features

Interface offers wizards for step by step instruction for using the app and being efficient. Predefined templates for most of the repetitive tasks. Discussion forums to discuss and find even more usage of the app in the real world. Scripts are supported along with advanced routing based on logical operations.

Are You Ready to Automate your Tasks ?

File Information

This Game is Developed by ArloSoft It was Last updated on 2022-11-7. Its size is 30 MB . Its current version is 5.28.8. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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