Monster Legends Mod Apk 14.51 [Unlimited Money]

If you are one of the Die hard fan of Pokemon, they my friend you are definitely going to enjoy this game. It is a Simulation game developed by Social Point. You can also say it is a better and upgraded version of popular game Dragon City. Game offers you the opportunity to explore new worlds, hundreds of monsters with each having different strengths, weakness, elements, fighting Style. You will have to start from the very basic like building a habitat for them, breed them, increase their Level, Evolve them, Make them ready to fight in battles, Explore new islands, Fight with different players from all around the World.

Do you wish to Become the Best Monster Master from all around the World. If you aim to become the Biggest, you will be the Biggest of them all. You need to give some time to Monster Legend to get equiped with the game, to understand its flow and this game completely satisfy you with all its amazing features and Rich Gameplay.



Game offers you 500+ Monsters, the thing to understand is each monster is different and with its unique element like earth, nature, light, magic etc. And they can be bred in their own environment. You goal is to buy a habitat, buy a monster egg, hatch it, feed it, increase its level. The best part is every monster has the ability to spawn itself in gold which gives to money for upgrades and unlocking new dragons. There are also hybrid Dragons and you can also explore new rare species.

Every Monster has a rarity Level on the basis of which it is categorized. Rare monsters are very strong compared to other monsters.


What thing is Important during Fight?As you know Every dragon has a Element. Each element is strong against one Element and Weak against other element. Weak Element takes double hit from the strong element. So choose your monsters accordingly during Fights. Checkout this chart to understand the strength and weakness.

You should have all types of monsters in your Arsenal. And your strategy should be select the best monsters and make your dream team for the duel.

You will be Fighting PvP battles in the Multiplayer Mode , You can also join a team, or build a strategy in the Team Chat, fight in Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds. You can also engage in friendly battles.


Your Goal should be to level up your monsters which at initial level can be done by feeding and once you attain a certain stage equip them with runes and relics that will exponentially increase their strengths. You can also break their limits by using cells at the Lab.

Monster Habitat

You will be provided with a Magical Island where you have to create a suitable environment for monsters so that they can easily habitat. Start your own farm, buy breeding habitat for different element species. You will be Exploring new Worlds,  Library, the Dungeons, the Monster Lab, the Forge, and the Temples etc.

Special Events

Game offers special Events like 72 hour challenge, Progressive Island, Maze Island, Grand Prix. Each Event is completely different from other and  Guarantees you adrenaline rush, only if you are a true fan of this game.


Once you get your Hands on this game, you will find it quite addictive and fun passing time. Game offers you whole range of intriguing opportunities. What makes this game super fun is Teaming up with other Monster Masters. exploring rare monsters, climbing up the Leagues, Play Time bounding events. The troublesome is the few levels where players get stuck due to lack of money where the mod features comes in handy and provides you with unlimited money, so that you can easily play the game without hinderance.


Mod Features: Unlimited Gold, Coins


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