MusicFX Apk 1.4 | Latest Version 2020

Music effect app for audio equalizer settings in google play music.

With this app, you can set audio levels and set frequencies for pop, rock , bass, hip hop and other music genres from the stock google play music app. The app in itself doesn’t do anything, it gets added in the play music automatically after you install it. You can either choose settings if you have advanced knowledge of setting the frequency levels for enhanced music listening experience or you can choose from the presets in the menu. You can also increase/ decrease bass boost and surround sound effects. This app works for android devices 4.4 and up.

To access the equalizer you have to open the google play music app, go to music settings in the menu on the left, then select Equalizer from the playback menu. Turn on the equalizer by pressing the toggle button on the top right and now you can adjust music settings. The frequencies adjustments can be made by moving the slider up and down. The bar on the left side indicates lower frequencies like base and bar on the right indicates higher frequencies ie. treble. You can adjust the base and surround sound using the dials on the bottom of the screen. The app is better optimised for devices using snapdragon processors but works well on other devices too. Installing and using this app is definitely an upgrade to your existing music listening experience with the stock android music playing app.

Unique features

Snapdragon processors support or better audio rendering. Number of presents and custom settings. Upgrades the stock music app so you need to rely on a third party app for playing songs on your device. Better music listening experience and works without headphones on the independent speaker of the device too.

File Information

This Game is Developed by  MusicFX. It was Last updated on 2020-7-3 Its size is 4 MB. Its current version is 1.4 . Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up

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