Raft Survival Mod APk 9.9.3 [Unlimited Money]

Ultimate survival simulator game app

This game is the best simulator app in all survival games. The game has the best adventurous storyline in which the players will have to survive in the ocean by building their own raft. The game has very smooth and amazing visual effects that’s why the players will find it fun to play. In the game there are many action scenes where players will have to fight with the sea creatures for their survival. The raft which players will make can be built by the items they find in their journey and players will also have to find new islands for the food to survive. With this game’s amazing experiences the players will gain a lot of knowledge and learn about the survival tactics. The game also shows some indicators so to survive the players will have to follow them to survive.

Unique features

The game app is free to download and play. The game also has many amazing features which make this game fun to play. The game has survival mode in which the players will have to satisfy their hunger,thirst and also have to fight for their survival. The game has stunning graphics and high quality sound effects which make the survival experience more amazing. The players will have to build and craft their own equipment and weapons to fight and survive.

File Information

This Game is Developed by VADE. It was Last updated on 2020-10-11 Its size is 71 MB . Its current version is 9.9.3. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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