ROME: Total War Mod Apk 1.10RC12 [Unlimited Money]

In this game you have to build an empire and control it by controlling the armies. The game has animated battles where there are hundreds and thousands of troops waiting for your command. By your order they fight and you can the simulated fight between your army the rival’s come alive on your phone screen. Three are spearmen, archers, chariots and war elephants along with the legionaries in your troops to fight for you. The game requires you to handle the tactics of war as well as management of economy, civil and religious affairs for your citizens. Thus this game differs from others as it requires strategy not just for war but for managing and maintaining the kingdom as well. There are various factions in which you can play with or against. You can go on a quest in north africa, europe, egypt, gaul, britannia, greek, madeon, spain and others forming a total of 19 factions.

The console level game is specially built for the android devices with all the functionalities and features. It can be played well for a high end phone and the game devs also provide support to various high end devices. You can play, pause, fast forward the war anytime according to your wish o r just watch it happen. You can choose characters and use the in game glossary to search and learn about the characters, weapons, enemies weakness, stories and more. You can buy generals and manage them according to the strategies as each have different abilities and they can be evolved into different personalities. The game has intuitive touch controls which are designed for mobile phones. You can choose the difficulty and other options like arcade battles, automatic manage settlement and follow characters, remove/add battle time limit, duration of campaign and more advanced features.

Unique features

You can use the simulator to become the supreme ruler of Rome and control a minimum of 50 provinces. 19 number of playable factions, set admiral rules, high end console level graphics, epic tactics and fun animated battles between thousands of troops. Massive battles and new range marker features. Generals can be managed and evolved into distinct personalities.

File Information

This Game is Developed by  Feral Interactive It was Last updated on 2020-8-8 Its size is 45 MB . Its current version is 1.10.RC12 Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore



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