Tenta Private VPN Browser Apk 6.7.0 | Latest Version 2022

Browser with privacy controls + VPN in a single package.

This is a pro privacy and secure browser with VPN built in for total data encryption. Most browsers today have very little or basic security. All your information and what you browse is visible to your Internet service provider(ISP) or may be visible or stolen by others easily. This app is a solution package with enhanced security and privacy controls to take back the control of your own information on the internet. The browser encrypts all the data by rooting it into a vpn server so that your personal IP is hidden and you are assigned an anonymous one. This way all your data routes through a secure server and third parties can see your DNS, IP address, browsing history and other information.

There is no registration or setup required to block insecure requests and protect yourselves from prying eyes. Just install the software and start using it. The browser automatically encrypts your browser for AES-256 level encryption which is impossible to crack with normal resources. All your information and cookies are encrypted and is stored on the device only. Ie. no data is stored on the server so that not even the company itself or developers can see it. Those devices which support biometric authentication like the fingerprint can use the authentication to log in the browser for better control and hassle free password logins.

With the encrypted browsing mode, you can access blocked websites by your ISP and access content which is otherwise may not be available in your region. Thus it removes all geo restrictions and connecting to multiples locations is easy as a tap! The browser doesn’t keep any of your stuff and save it like the browsing history and no logs are kept of anything so the browsing is secure and no trace if left behind to snoop into your private sessions.

It offers additional features like unlimited encryption over other server locations. Custom DNS servers to secure web browser requests over TLS, customer support and more.

Unique features

Privacy focused browser with an inbuilt VPN, customer support. No logging system. Advanced tracker detection and block ads. Custom DNS servers for supporting secured requests over TLS. secured media vault and password protection for personal use

File Information

This Game is Developed by  AVG Labs. It was Last updated on 2022-5-9. Its size is 20 MB . Its current version is 6.7.0. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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