The Sun Origin Mod Apk 2.2.3 [Unlimited Money]

RPG action shooter game with post apocalyptic theme

In this game you get into a post-apocalyptic environment where you have to survive using your survival skills, shooting, defense and base building. The game is played in first person and there are a large variety of weapons and armor for you to use. The game has a huge world with various places which are unlocked as you progress through the story. You have to save yourself and your community from hunger and mutant attacks. The game requires presence of mind and instinctive play as there many ways to die in the game and very less ways to survive. You can die from hunger, radiation poisoning, enemy attacks and more. The game has awesome graphics with new indicative and innovative controls which are easy to use and learn. It has a huge content library for items which can be used as resources and the game has an automatic day/night system with a dynamic environment which is variable.


The game starts with an immersive story, with dialogues as mission objectives which you have to complete. You can control your character using the virtual controls and perform various actions by tapping on their respective buttons.  By default you are given a gun and some resources to start with but you have to farm for more to stay alive. The top part of the screen shows your health and the  guns you are holding with various slots on the bottom for using the power ups. You can loot the enemies that you kill for higher rewards and resources in the game. You will see a warning in case you are in the zone of radiation and then you’ll have to either move from that area or take shelter and use power ups.

Unique features

Classic RPG game elements with smooth gameplay and good visual effects. Instinctive game with new types of monsters and various modes to experiment and play with. First person perspective and save the community functions. Require problem solving and strategy to win the level and progress in the story.

Mod Features: Unlimited Money

File Information

This Game is Developed by  AGaming+. It was Last updated on 2022-9-22. Its size is 77 MB . Its current version is 2.2.3. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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