TikTok 26.8.4 APK + MOD (No Watermark/All-Region Unlocked)

Most popular Short video creation and sharing platform with over 20 million users.

This is an original storytelling app through which opportunities to get famous, earn money or just get entertained is virtually limitless. Using advanced algorithms, you can watch from a personalised video feed tailor for you based on your interests, liking, share etc. the app quickly adapts to your content consumption style and shows you the content you will most definitely like! There are millions of creators on tiktok who showcase their amazing skills, talents, moments, share memories, knowledge by making specially creative content which can’t be found anywhere. You can edit videos or create original video content and add music clips, voice over audio, sounds etc. there are tons of filters available and the effects available in the app are one of a kind. They also use augmented reality algorithms to provide you with amazon video effects to create special content which can be made viral and can be used to earn money. There are 100+ emoji stickers available for free which can be added in the clips.

To use the app, install it and open the app and log in through google. To log in use the bottom right button and it will take you to the profile page. After you log in you can fill the missing details to increase the reach of your profile.You can also login through your mobile number only. The app by default takes you to a video feed where it shows the short clips from most popular accounts. To add other tik tok users and follow theri videos, tap on the magnifying glass button on the bottom left of the screen. You can use the search box to find your friends or add them by contacts in your contact list. You can also follow most popular accounts which are shown below the search bar. You can also search by content by including trending hashtags and see posts and people related to them. To create your first tik tok post tap the big + icon on the bottom middle. The camera pane appears through which you can shoot a video and add sounds by tapping on the top “add sound” button. You pick from the most popular songs, soundpacks, from your favourite sounds, movie dialogues, or just your own voice. While you shoot with a particular sound, you can select the scissors button to tell the app when exactly to start the sound. You can trim or chop the sound according to your preference and set speed on the screen. You can hoot handsfree by using the stopwatch button. After you complete your shooting, you can select the colors button to select from a wide range of video filters. The possibilities are endless here. The clock icon lets you add special effects and tap save. Then tap next to go to the final preview where you can add hashtags, add a short description of the video and set other options like saving the video locally to device and sharing on other platforms like twitter.

You can either post or save the shooting as a draft, that’s all it takes to use tik tok and share viral videos with the world! Pretty easy right  ?!

Unique features

Far wider reach than any other app available. Large selection of content filters and great for content consumption. Live streaming filters which are unique and available only in this app. Videos from endless categories and content for every mood. Adaptive algorithms in apps to show only the relevant content.

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File Information

This Game is Developed by  TikTok Inc.. It was Last updated on 2022-11-9. Its size is 89 MB. Its current version is 26.8.4. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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