Vainglory Mod Apk 4.13.4 [Unlimited Money]

MOBA strategy game with great graphics and pc level gameplay and PvP battles.

In this multiplayer online battle arena game, you can play with your friends on any platform. The controls are very accurate and the gaming engine is superiorly designed to work cross platforms.

The game starts with a compelling story mode. There are karma points for everything you do in this game and bad karma leads to a temporary ban while good karma opens up new opportunities to experience all the features this game has to offer. The opening screen has a minimal UI which contains all the useful features you can use to enhance your experience. You can participate in events, quests and play in free play mode. At the top right are stats and other information about the game, your gameplay along with the settings button. When you click on play you can choose various modes from the pop up. You can play blitz reloaded, blitz for 2-5 min 3v3 battles. You can play Aral mode, 5v5 classic mode of 25 minutes among others. Your ping is shown on every screen after your hit play. The classic mode can be played casually or in ranked mode by using your unblocked heroes in the game. The game automatically matches you with another player.

After you get matches you have to choose heroes from captains or junglers. Their stats are shown on the right. So you have to strategically choose your heroes and you get 1 min (60 secs) to choose them before the game starts. After that you have to choose a build. You can choose team support for high utility and defense or you can choose aggressive support for less cooldowns and good defense. You can also make your own build by customizing them. The battle starts with health showing on top of each player. The map is shown on the left top and joystick controls on the left bottom. The hit button and other useful actions like activating buffs can be done from the right side of the panel. While in the game you can choose your own control scheme, set camera view, chat features and other gameplay settings. Every buff has a cooldown period you can use them only after some seconds.

After every match the final stats screen is shown where you can like and chat with other players. You can also replay your gameplay highlights from the screen. After every match you get various items and objects through which you can upgrade your abilities in the game.

Unique features

Cross platform playing. Ability to chat with other players in game and otherwise. Play in solo or team modes with a defined strategy with your friends. Farming for better abilities and huge numbers of buffs can be used. 48 + heroes and with unique abilities. Multiple playstyles for every hero and objective rich maps. Active inventory management and amazing storytelling.

Are You Ready to Enjoy this MOBA Game ?

File Information

This Game is Developed by  Super Evil Megacorp It was Last updated on 2022-9-10.  Its size is 1.3 GB . Its current version is 4.13.4 . Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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