Village City Simulation 2 Mod Apk 1.5.3 [Unlimited Money]

City builder game with high tech graphics.

In this game, you start with the village and build it with the resources in the gaem gradually to a whole city and then take it to the next level from there! you ‘ have to be the tycoon that develops a small village and put it on the map along with other cities that are in the leagues. You have to manage the economy by opening manufacturing and value adding services, tourist spots and more. You have to manage the transportation like setting up rails and trains. The game has various quests which can be played and completed for expanding the city further. 

You have to design and give direction to the community building and decorate various places to make them attractive for the tourist and for earning the money. You can create jobs to earn gold from the people living in your city who are happy and use that gold to expand. The game can be played offline and online both ways. This is a great app to build a virtual world with the help of your imaginations and aspirations you can create the city of your dreams, which you own exclusively! You have the authority to make any changes and build structures. There are more than 100 types of buildings which include hotels, cinema, office, bakeri, habitat centre, oil rigs and more. Many parts of the city are interactive and you can even do fishing on the port.

Unique features

Unique city building game with tycoon style player and entrepreneurship styled gameplay. High quality graphics, tablet mode to support the tablet’s big screen. Local language translations and games are easy to play. Various in game currencies like gold and cash which mimics the real currencies. Various easter eggs in the game are hidden and locked.

File Information

This Game is Developed by  Sparking Society. It was Last updated on 2020-8-8 Its size is 33 MB . Its current version is 1.5.3 Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore


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