Warship Battle Mod Apk 3.2.9 [Unlimited Money]

Warship action game with 3D graphics and naval missions from WW2.

By playing this game you can learn a lot more about naval battles that happened during world war 2. All the game elements are inspired by the true events around that time. You can take control of the sea vessels and play in the epic naval battles. You can use a USS Arizona or a HMS bulldog and many more. The game has high quality 3D graphics. It has fast paced battles with original warships from the WW2 era. You can customize your vessel with unique weapons and upgrade them to win the battle against the opponents. There are several episodes within the game and hidden missions based on the real battles that took place.

You can choose from battleships like bismarck, yamato, H39 or select a destroyer like gearing, shimakaze, hurana among others. You can select a cruiser and aircraft carrier or even a submarine like GATO, OSCAR, OHIO and more. All these sea vessels were used during WW2 in naval battles.


On the home screen when you open the app, you can enter the workshop to upgrade the vessel store to unlock vessels for battle use. You can select your admirals from the admiral tabs, see your ranking on the leaderboards from the ranking tab and apply game settings. The game uses in-game currency for upgrading and unlocking battleships. It’s measured in cash, gold and medals that you get by winning the games. After you press battle you can play unlocked episodes or you can play for the hidden missions. The first battle starts from the battle of toronto in 1940. You can select the level difficulty and see the map and rewards details that you’ll get. Every episode has an objective and an mission which you have to complete. You can tilt your device for adjusting the camera angle. The current speed is shown as a bar on the left along with the movement controls. The mission is shown on the right.

You have to adjust the aim of the weapon you are carrying from the workshop by tilting the device. After it has locked in the target, you have to press the shoot button. The current HP of the ship is shown as a bar on the bottom of the screen. You can move over the destroyed ship to gain HP for your ship.

Unique features

3D graphics and smooth gameplay. Compact app size. Fast paced intense battles with numerous  missions. Realistic warships from the world war 2 era. Hidden missions and easter eggs in the game. Game can be played offline without an internet connection.

Mod Features: Unlimited Money

File Information

This Game is Developed by  JOYCITY Corp. It was Last updated on 2021-4-7 Its size is 58 MB . Its current version is 3.2.9 Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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