WhatsApp Apk | Latest Version 2021

Most popular IM app with dozens of useful features.

This is the most popular app used for sending and receiving multimedia messages over the internet which is used worldwide. It leverages the latest technology and internet for messaging which helps in reducing cost as compared to texting. It can also be used on desktop and is available for all android devices out there and on other platforms. To use whatsapp, you just need a phone number, internet connection and a phone (duh!). Just Open the app, put in the phone number which is just used to verify the otp and then start texting to your contacts who are on whatsapp. It automatically registers the contacts who are using whatsapp in your contact list.

The app allows users to keep in touch who are living abroad without incurring international charges. The app offers many features like end to end encrypted messaging, free VoIP international calling, search and filter chats and messages, advanced privacy settings, group creation and advanced group messaging settings, call waiting support, low data mode, medio auto download toggle, privacy toggles, broadcast lists, chat backups, status updates, setting wallpaper and automatic day and night themes, live location sharing, file and content sharing and many more. You can download the other version of whatsapp from popularapk

Unique features

Used by millions of people, cross platform sharing of text, files and other things. Broadcast list can be set through which a particular message can be sent to multiple users without forming a group. Text can be formatted and through usage stats ( in settings > storage usage) much information can be found out about your whatsapp usage. Reduce the data whatsapp uses by selecting low data mode and that works even for calls! Mute group chats, control personal information sharing, share documents, read messages without other people knowing, disable auto media download to save phone storage, use the web version of whatsapp by syncing it to your phone, transfer files between phone and computer and many more.

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File Information

This Game is Developed by  WhatsApp Inc. It was Last updated on 2021-5-13 Its size is 30 MB . Its current version is Its Android requirements are 4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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