World War 2: WW2 Strategy Games Mod Apk 378 [Unlimited Money]

World war 2 based strategy game with new graphics engine.

In this game you have to use the generals to win the war and deploy the force using tactics advantages your troops have according to your strategy. The game features the name of real generals that fought in world war 2 and you can use them and their ability to control the troops. The selection of your general along with your strategy decides if you win or lose this game. The famous generals use their own unique tactics and methods to get order completed. It also contains the  famous trump army viking division, Das reich division, 3rd ss-Panzer division, and more. As all themes are WW2, it contains all the equipment and everything from that time. The game has historically important wars and campaigns against the german rein like the minsk campaign, Leningrad defense war, moscow defense war and more landmark events that shaped the history and the futures, what presently it is now.

The game has airborne soldiers, and mines, blockhouses and you can lay mines for the enemy and set other traps. The rockets and other equipment which were the most advanced of their time mimicked similar functions and usage such as the scattering functions in the katyusha rockets. You can build a troop from scratch, train them and play more levels to upgrade them. You have to be alert in the  fog as the enemy can ambush you there. You can also use it to your advantage. The terrain is as realistic as it was in WW2 time. Each feature and function of the game has its own advantage and cointraint. The weather system can be used as your tactics for ambushing the enemies. The game has a morale system where you can surround the enemies to weaken them.

Unique features

Amazing graphics and surrealistic pictures and scenes. Detailed scenes and better detailing on the maps to ensure top of the cream gameplay experience on android devices. Innovative combat system and better rendering of the graphics

Mod Features: Unlimited Money

File Information

This Game is Developed by  JOYNOWSTUDIO. It was Last updated on 2022-1-21 Its size is 100 MB . Its current version is 378. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore

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