Yousician Mod Apk 4.32.1 [Unlocked]+[Premium]

Music tutorials with multi instrument support.

With this app you can learn any  instrument fast with interactive lessons and bit sized tutorials.  The app contains a huge library of songs with musical sheets so you can play any instruments in the song using the sheet and tablature. It has exercises from popular teachers and experts and you by subscribing to the course you can get instant feedback on your playing. Lessons are designed in steps to give you the latest in the music industry and help you learn the instruments fast with a review system and feedback. You can learn particular skills and techniques from the lesson packs and practice easily with the app by using tools like metronome, tuner and more. You also get to learn the musical theory for classical, western and local music. You can learn guitar for both rhythm and lead and bass techniques to learnt the triads and riffs. You can also learn to play ukulele chords and plucking and learn to sing with the instruments to woo your friends. The singing lessons are designed with the professional vocal coaches to teach you the right techniques and skills.

It has incentives for your workouts so you can earn stars and take part in weekly challenges. You can track your progress with daily goals and use the advanced tools to keep focused while learning difficult concepts and techniques. You can easily improve your precision, timing, and rythm with an instant feedback system from the app. You can also play the instruments from the library of the songs and adjust tempo to learn a particular part of the song or a riff easily. You can compete in challenges with your friends using shared learning or with other participants of the yousician. The app has an in -built tuner so that you can tune your guitar or any instrument easily and with greater precision to the cents. There are videos and interactive lessons for every skills level with more than 1000 levels in the tutorial library.

Unique features

Unique curriculum of tutorials divided into bite sized lessons for faster learning. Instant feedback system which helps learn the techniques and songs accurately and provide feedback on playing. Makes learning fun and rewarding by gameplay, challenges and lessons. Variety of instrument choices with music sheets for notes and singing. Professionally designed courses with tutorials for learning the techniques correctly.

File Information

This Game is Developed by Yousician. It was Last updated on 2021-6-11 Its size is 66 MB . Its current version is 4.32.1. Its Android requirements is  4.1 and up. Check it on Playstore


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